She lies without her guard undressed exposed

wanting waiting to be wholly fathomed

a babe but grown desires the same amour

but just one single act demonstrating compliance generates a hope to hold

expectant eyes as she awaits intent from you to know her heart and soul its depth

distraction caused awareness dissipates

we’ve been in this same place a time before

repetitive neglect unwaning slight

tangled strangled thorns press into soft side and mangle rose glasses dimming fate’s sight

the ice cements around upturned frail roots of tree to save, preserve the life that’s left

retreat, it’s safe and warm inside the core

solitary healing, wounds wrapped, scars kissed

she sees you need her more than she needs loved

her soft as silk compassion wins, only once more your selfishness persists

now trust reserved specifically for few proven sound confidants alone

then burned again, unseen again, pull back!

black cave appears illuminates shelter

willful desire for alleviating blanket

crawls in and so begins the onset of a powerful everlasting anguish

comforted by only her own presence she tries for peace in loneliness

though suffocates under the memory sharp tongues, omitting eyes left on her heart

patience proves not a means to end

the fourth and fifth and sixth chances, you fail

cannot will not allow the agony

a child no more but still inside does not forget being neglected, brushed aside

caulk all the cracks and seal the holes and now you are dismissed

pain sees limits, creaked door rattles, and SLAM!


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